Safety at Congress Landfill

At Congress Landfill, keeping our community and our workers safe is the most important thing we do. Safety is a priority throughout our operations. We strive to keep all employees and visitors safe by asking them to follow these Landfill Rules and Requirements.

How We Protect The Community

  • Built Strong: Our on-site employees have over 95 years of combined waste management experience.

  • Protects Groundwater and Surface Water: Congress Landfill assesses groundwater with 53 individual groundwater monitoring wells. Each well is routinely tested to verify the groundwater’s safety.

  • Protects the Air: Our landfill team routinely monitors the 145 landfill gas wells to verify the landfill gas collection system is operating properly.

  • Monitored Continuously: Sophisticated safety equipment and trained personnel continuously monitor the Landfill and safeguard it is running appropriately.

  • Inspected Regularly: Congress is inspected twice a year by the Illinois EPA and annually by the Cook County Department of Environmental Control.

  • Overseen Continuously: Congress uses a sophisticated data management software that allows its operators to monitor both the gas collection system and leachate storage system right from their smart phones. This ensures that our personnel are informed about our infrastructure operation 24-hours a day.